KoDDI pursues policy development and research to support policy establishment for the people
with disability.

We are entrusted with various projects which are the basis of the welfare promotion for the people with disability
from government. We suggest the desirable course of the welfare policy and work, and perform the supervision
of the social work for the people with disability. In Addition, we support policy development business and research
work for improvement of welfare system through operating the pursuit-squad for a 5-year welfare development plan
for the people with disability and the Council for Evaluating the disabled's social integration etc.

KoDDI assists the development of the convenient facilities
We support the policy-making for promotion of convenience through providing the technical support or counseling
about right installation of the facilities to the public, offering the education program to the relevant government officers,
and studying for launching authentic system of the convenient facilities.

KoDDI aids the people with disability to lead independent lives through the vocational development.
With aid of the vocational development for the people with disability, we help them to live independently, endeavor to launch the verification system of the products of the people with disability, and give consulting about management of the vocational training institution for the people with disability.

KoDDI strengthens publicity works to enhance the social awareness for the people with disability.
To integrate the people with disability into society and associate with all together without discrimination, we not only conduct researches for improvement of social awareness, but also promote various publicity activities; the Ceremony for 'The Day of the Disabled', the Experience Camp of the disabilities for the non-disabled and the Annual campaign etc.