Greetings from President

Greeting for people with disability in South Korea!

Since the Welfare of Disabled Persons Act came in effect in 1981, South Korea has seen remarkable growth in developing legislation and policies regarding to Disability for the last 35 years.
However, sensitization still has long way to go and persons with disability remain marginalised in Society.
It's high time that we review a wide array of policies to improve the implementation of policies in pursuing policies effectiveness and achieve the unwavering legitimacy of those policies.

Korean Disabled People's Institute(Hereafter referred to as KoDDI) has played a pivotal role in upholding welfare of persons with disability.

KoDDI will strive to conduct R&D that helps persons with disability have independent living and work toward to realising more accessible society for persons with disability as it has done since its foundation.
KoDDI will also put great efforts to make more inclusive society for persons with disability and create enabling environment for independent living. Particularly, to meet those goals, vocational rehabilitation, employment promotion, and quota system through which provider with severe disability reserves the certain portions of sales to seller will be invigorated.

Finally, KoDDI will reinforce its position as a leading research institution and ensure the quantitative growth in policies making to lead to the continuous development and betterment of the policies.

KoDDI and its employee promise to make it humanising institution that cares for persons with disability and ask for your continuous support.

Thank you very much.

President of KoDDI,