Greetings from President

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Korea Disabled People’s Development Institute will make our best efforts to make a world where persons with disabilities are happy

Korea Disabled People’s Development Institute(KODDI) is a specialized institution in disability policies in Korea, where has put efforts to make a contribution to promote the rights of persons with disabilities and improve the welfare system. Established in 1989, KODDI has been the history of the Korean welfare for persons with disabilities.

KODDI has conducted diverse researches and developed policies for the better future of persons with disabilities, and supported the financial independence of persons with disabilities and their social participation through vocational rehabilitation, job development, preferential procurement for persons with severe disabilities, etc. Beyond improving the physical environment through Barrier-Free (BF) Certification system, we also strive to build a universally designed environment by improving accessibility across every sector in society not only for persons with disabilities but for all.

Furthermore, we are taking the lead in supporting children with disabilities and persons with developmental disabilities who have been relatively neglected in society. We are establishing the service system for children with disabilities and persons with developmental disabilities by running a central center and regional centers for persons with developmental disabilities. Also, KODDI is carrying out the Incheon Strategy as a secretariat of Make the Right Real (MRR) Fund for 690 million persons with disabilities in Asia and the Pacific.

KODDI will conduct researches and develop policies from the perspective of persons with disabilities and build an inclusive society by listening to the voices of disability organizations and our society where calls for change and innovation. With this, we will be able to provide a vision for disability policies, enabling a paradigm change as well.

We always long for happy lives of persons with disabilities. By continuous renovations and innovative steps, we will be the first to realize equal and humane life for persons with disabilities. Please look forward to the new future of KODDI with a hopeful heart.

President of KoDDI, Choi Kyung-suk