Greetings from President

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Greetings from President of KODDI, Ms. Choi Kyung-suk

Thank you very much for visiting our official website.

KODDI (Korea Disabled people’s Development Institute) has been committed to making better lives for persons with disabilities through developing disability policies, creating jobs and convenient environment, facilitating preferential purchase for persons with severe disabilities as well as running the central and regional centers for persons with developmental disabilities.

As a specialized institution in the field of disability for the last 31 years, we have made a lot of achievements listening to the needs of the public and the disability field.

We will keep trying our best to be the representative Korean institution where realizes an inclusive society along with persons with disabilities through continuous change and innovation.

For this, first of all, we will be the leading organization to make an innovative disability policy paradigm by developing and supporting policies which shall correspond to the changes in circumstances.
Secondly, we will contribute to creating the social environment to be equal for all by constructing the safe and convenient physical environment.
Thirdly, we will realize a coexisting society leaving no one behind by establishing services for children with disabilities and persons with developmental disabilities who have been relatively marginalized in our society.
Lastly, we will strive to be a reliable institution not only by establishing foundation for economic independence of persons with disabilities, but also by creating jobs and running the institution under the communication-based system according to the policy of current government.

Whereas the last 31 years have been times to establish the basic framework for the welfare of persons with disabilities to live the most humane lives, from now on, we will go through times to develop the system that can provide realistic services for each one of persons with disabilities.

Please watch and support the new future of KODDI with a hopeful heart.

Thank you very much.

President of KODDI, Choi Kyung-suk